Cast Iron Gully Grating cover Rectangular sewer drain grates

Cast Iron Gully Grating cover Rectangular sewer drain grates

Brand Name:Anjoy
Model Number:AJCI-MHR-045
Size:see detailed sketch
Advantage:Can custom as per customer requirement
Material:Iron,Iron,ductile iron or grey cast iron
Package:Standard export package or as customers specific requirement
High light:Cast iron gully grate, outdoor drain cover

Product Description

The spheroidal gully grating is a kind of spheroidal graphite cast iron. The spheroidal graphite cast is spheroidized and
inoculated to effectively improve the mechanical properties of the cast iron, especially the plasticity and toughness, there by obtaining higher strength than the carbon steel. Ductile iron is a kind of high-strength cast iron material developed in the 1950s. Its comprehensive performance is close to that of steel. It is based on its excellent performance and has been successfully used for casting some complex forces, strength, toughness and wear resistance. Parts with higher requirements. Ductile iron has rapidly developed into a widely used cast iron material after gray cast iron. The so-called “iron-based steel” mainly refers to ductile iron.

Competitive Advantage:

A. All kinds of size as customer’s requirements;
B. Small quantity trial order is welcome
C. Customized design is available and free, Such as Color, Logo, Panel, Load and Dimension etc.
D. Quality control and Promptly delivery
E. Good after sales service
Net Opening:327*327mm
Cast Iron Gully Grating cover Rectangular sewer drain grates
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