Can I get a sample?

Can I get a sample?

Time:2021-5-18 Author:Anjoy

–Can I get a sample?

–Yes, we can arrange samples based on your requirements


–Is the sample free?

–It depends on what sample you need:

  1. Some we can offer the sample free of charge,
  2. Some we can make sample based on your request but tiny model for you to check workmanship FOC;
  3. Some we can offer sample by FOB price,
  4. Some due to material need special order, we might need to charge double FOB, but can refund back the extra charges when bulk order placed, we can discuss this.
  5. Some need to develop mould, then you need to pay mould charges  and sample cost;
  6. FYI, Whether the sample is FOC or been charged, buyer need to pay the courier charges.




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