Is our money safe for deposit and balance payment before shipment?

Is our money safe for deposit and balance payment before shipment?

Time:2021-5-18 Author:Anjoy

Here are some tips to make you more confident and assured of your money

1. /Source and contact manufacturer

Congratulations, you have found a reliable supplier of the best manhole cover in China.


2. / Get some photos or samples to verify the product you want to buy

This will enable you to quickly understand the product you want to buy, and it will be an ideal time to check for potential defects that may occur in production. If you have some experience in the manufacturing process, you can quickly understand what might go wrong…


3. /Prepare contracts and documents

We can issue a formal proforma invoice for you, including all the necessary terms that you care about, such as quality standards, quantity, shipping terms, delivery time, etc., so you can check all the details before depositing.


4. /Pay your deposit

When doing so, please make sure that the account payee name matches the company name, and in particular, make sure that the payee name matches the name in the PO.

In most cases, you need to pay a 30% to 50% advance payment, and the remaining balance will be kept at the end of production and before shipment.


5. /Monitor your production regularly

We will constantly update you the production status, send you some photos or videos to show the production process, and then you will get the latest situation.

We will also conduct online and final inspections during the production process. If any problems are found, we will immediately make improvements. Prevention is better than curing.


6. /Final payment

We can send the final invoice and packing list to you for final payment. Before that, we can provide you with photos of the finished product, packaging and packing, so you can ensure that we can complete the high-quality before the balance goods.


7. / Shipping

After you complete the payment and complete the documents, you can contact your freight forwarder to pick the goods and bring them to the port, and manage them through customs clearance and other document processing, or if necessary, we can contact the freight forwarder for you.


I hope this small program will help you and start our long-term business cooperation.

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