Manhole Cover Square With Locking
Manhole Cover Square With Locking Manhole Cover Square With Locking Manhole Cover Square With Locking

Manhole Cover Square With Locking


We produce various classes of Square manhole from A15 to F900 according to customer’s drawings or requirement. Based on material, Square manhole covers can be categorized into four groups-metal manhole covers, cement-based composite, Recycled resin composite manhole cover, Polymer matrix composite manhole cover etc. All manhole covers totally meet with EN124-2 standard, which is widely used Global market.

Surface treatment:bituminous paint/Water-based paint
CO:According to drawing or customer-specified
Standard:EN124-2 Standard/EN1433
Application:Municipal construction/residential areas etc.
Description: Double Sealed Manhole Cover C250 Ductile Iron Kerb-side Channel Of Roads

Double Sealed Manhole Cover C250 Ductile Iron EN GJS500-7 LEO100C-ERM


Ductile Iron Manhole Cover and GratingEN124:2015Material: GGG500-7
ClassApplicationDimension (Frame mm)
A15Pedestrians, Pedal CyclistsDia760
B125Footways, Pedestrians, Car parks290*290, dia800 ..
C250Kerb-side channel of roads700*700, 600*800 …
D400Road, hard shoulders etc.850*850, 920*920
E600Docks, aircraft pavements per your demands
F900Aircraft pavements per your demands

 Competitive Advantage/ Features:

Square manhole is made up of cover and frame, which can be arranged at road surface to keep every kinds of function well normally runs, such as Telecommunication well, Thermal well, Drain well. Square manhole have many perfect performance, high-intensity, pretty appearance, easy to use, guard against theft, Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, rolling resistance, long service life etc.

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