How to install the drainage ditch correctly?

How to install the drainage ditch correctly?

Time:2021-4-6 Author:Anjoy

How to install the drainage ditch correctly?

1.Trench excavation

The first is to dig out the gully where the drainage ditch is placed, reserve side piles and middle piles, and mark the excavation depth on the top of the middle pile to facilitate subsequent construction. When excavating, you must pay attention to the scale specifications on the design drawings. You can’t excavate as you like. Strictly implement the specifications to succeed..

2.Clear the bottom for inspection

After the excavation of the foundation trench is completed, there must be two links of self-inspection and mutual inspection. After being qualified, the project department shall report to the supervision engineer for inspection. Only after passing this inspection can it be regarded as a real pass, and then the next step of the installation can be carried out.

3.Concrete pouring

First, nail the template with wooden stakes, place the slotted cover drainage ditch according to the line, and then pour the concrete. This process must be executed strictly in accordance with the construction skill requirements of the document. General professionals know that pouring concrete should be carried out one after another, which is an important step to ensure the success of the installation.

How to install the drainage ditch correctly?

4.Setting of settlement joint

Pour the drainage ditch in sections according to the length of the construction section, and set the settlement joint and settlement joint width reasonably. Use asphalt planks to fill the middle with cement mortar, and the detailed depth is set according to the actual situation.


Since the drainage ditch cannot bear the load when it is installed, every section of the installation, after the concrete starts to solidify, cover the drainage ditch with a wet grass curtain and punctually spray water for maintenance.

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