Manhole Covers Round Waterproof
Manhole Covers Round Waterproof Manhole Covers Round Waterproof Manhole Covers Round Waterproof

Manhole Covers Round Waterproof

Round manhole cover is a removeable lid, which has a main special-function that can keep out unauthorized persons and materials falling into well. Round manhole covers have many perfect performance, high strength, good-looking appearance, easy to use, guard against theft, Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, rolling resistance, long service life etc.

Surface treatment:bituminous paint/Water-based paint
Clear opening:φ600
Standard:EN124-2 Standard
Application:Municipal construction/residential areas etc.
Description: D400 Custom Manhole Cover Round Waterproof Hard Shoulders M16x40 Bolts Accessories

Custom Manhole Cover Round Waterproof CO600 M16x40 Bolts Accessories


Expressway, sidewalk, park, garden, municipal pipeline, telecommunication, water and electrical power projects.


Ductile Iron Manhole Cover and GratingEN124:2015Material: GGG500-7
ClassApplicationDimension (Frame mm)
A15Pedestrians, Pedal CyclistsDia760
B125Footways, Pedestrians, Car parks290*290, dia800 ..
C250Kerb-side channel of roads700*700, 600*800 …
D400Road, hard shoulders etc.850*850, 920*920
E600Docks, aircraft pavements per your demands
F900Aircraft pavements per your demands

D400 Round Manhole Covers

Product Benefits:

1. No inherent scrap value thus reducing risk of theft.

2. Moderate weight and easy installation.

3. Can be used in -30℃ to 70 ℃degrees environment.

4. 30 years of service life.

5. Tested by national security agencies. Compressive, bending and impact resistant. Heat, cold, acid, etc.

6. Corrosion resistance, meet the needs of environmental protection, and reduce the exploitation of mining resources; beautify the city, classify the coloring, and enhance the taste of the city.


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