Recessed Stainless Steel Access Covers Recessed Stainless Steel Access Covers

Recessed Stainless Steel Access Covers

Brand: Anjoy
Model Number: AJSS-MH004
Product name: Recessed Steel Access Covers
Product material: Stainless Steel:304L / 316L
Size: Can be customized
Working temperature: -40℃~200℃

Product Description

Floor Access Covers: 

Every type of flooring can be accommodated by the Anjia range of floor access covers. With various load bearing capacities to suit your application, whatever the location, if you require a light, medium or heavy-duty access cover to enable permanent, safe access to underfloor services, Anjia has the perfect solution for your project. 

All floor access covers are manufactured to order, enabling us to provide a product to your specific application requirements with no time or budget constraints. Anjia floor access covers are manufactured in Aluminium or Stainless Steel, the choice of material depends upon where the access cover is to be used, loading requirements, required aesthetics and budget constraints. Floor access covers are available as single, in continuous runs with a duct cover configuration – or where a large surface area is to be covered, more complex multipart access covers can be designed and manufactured to your specific requirements.


Stainless Steel Manhole Cover Advantages:

1.Wide Scope of Application: can be used at park, factory, field, plot.
2.Beautiful and safe: invisible after installation, easy to carry and install.
3.High strength: can load more weight.
4.Fire retardant: stainless steel is fire retardant material. Tested as B-grade Non-combustible material by the state agency
5.Long life time: 20 years at least.

Standard Size
Bord Thickness3mm4mm5mm
These sizes are most general sizes.
Both round and square shape available.
other shape & size pls contact us!
3mm in side walk
4mm in road
5mm pass truck
suggest height=
brick height+30mm


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