C250 Ductile Cast iron manhole cover & frame round shape

C250 Ductile Cast iron manhole cover & frame round shape

Model Number:
Size:700*800mm, see detailed sketch
Cover Size:700
Frame size:800
Clear Opening:600
Casting weight seating / cover:13Kg /22Kg
Standard:EN124 Standard

Product Description

Our extensive stock of ductile iron manhole covers and frames are available at a wide range of sizes and load ratings.

Whether you’re looking for a cast iron inspection / access cover for your project or a drain cover, contact us for exclusive trade prices.

Load :C250

Specifications: 700X800

D / Cover size:700

F / Frame size:800

H /Height:75

h / Embedding depth:30

O / Clear opening:600

Casting weight Frame / cover:13kg/22Kg

Locking device  Hinge:√ 

Rubber strip: √

It is important to consider the strength requirement when purchasing a manhole cover. All of our manhole covers conform to BS EN 124:2015 British standards classes, and should be considered when purchasing a manhole cover for a particular application. These classes are as follows:

A15: capable of withstanding a 15kN load (1.5 tonnes). Pedestrian areas only.

B125: capable of withstanding a 125kN load (12.5 tonnes). Car parks and pedestrian areas with very light traffic use.

C250: capable of withstanding a 250kN load (25 tonnes). Car parks and industrial sites with slow moving traffic.

D400: capable of withstanding a 400kN load (40 tonnes). Carriageways and hard shoulders.

E600: capable of withstanding a 600kN load (60 tonnes). Loading areas, docks or aircraft pavements.

F900: capable of withstanding a 900kN load (90 tonnes). High wheel loads, such as aircraft pavements.

C250 Ductile Cast iron manhole cover & frame round shape

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