Customized ductile cast iron round manhole cover sewer cover

Customized ductile cast iron round manhole cover sewer cover

Model Number:AJCI-MHR-051
Size:see detailed sketch
Color:Customized Color
Standard:EN124 Standard
Type:Heavy Duty
material:ductile iron

Product Description


Class Apply to Bearing Remarks:
EN124-B125 Footways, parking lot or similar areas. 125KN HOT-SELLING
EN124-C250 The edge combinative area of vehicle road and the pavement. 250KN
EN124-D400 Vehicle area and urban arterial road. 400KN HOT-SELLING


Hinge:  765mm



Net opening:684mm


Manhole cover is a removeable plate and installed on vehicular traffic and pedestrian areas to prevent anyone or anything falling in. Special-function manhole covers should keep out unauthorized persons and materials falling into, and convenience repair personnel to maintain equipment, such as Telecommunication manhole covers. Manhole covers have many perfect performance: high strength, beauty appearance, easy to use, guard against theft, Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, rolling resistance, long service life etc. We produce various classes from B125 to D400 according to customer’s drawings or requirement. Based on material, manhole covers can be categorized into four groups-metal manhole covers, cement-based composite.

Recycled resin composite manhole cover, Polymer matrix composite manhole cover etc. Based on shape, manhole cover can be categorized into square and round. Round manhole cover is generally used urban road administration, which can better protect the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. In rural areas and cable wells, the square is widely used, which can better prevent rainwater and other liquids. All manhole covers totally meet with EN124 standard, which is widely used Global market.
Customized ductile cast iron round manhole cover sewer cover
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