D400 Composite SMC Manhole Cover Rounnd Circular

D400 Composite SMC Manhole Cover Rounnd Circular

Thick base, load-bearing and compressive.
Unique design, safe and reliable.
Easy to construct, strong anti-theft.
Reinforced reinforcement, exquisite craftsmanship.

Exquisite appearance, golden style ratio, polymer composite material, inner steel reinforcement bracket, strong flexibility, thick and durable, conforming to national standards, green and environmentally friendly, and recyclable.
The product is made of high-strength composite materials, supplemented by steel bars, and laminated at high temperature. It has no recycling value. The cover and seat are consistent, precision processed, and no noise. It overcomes the "running, jumping, and ringing" problems of similar products.

Product Description

Place of OriginChinaBrand NameAnjoy
Model NumberAJSM-MH000NameAnti-theft round manhole cover
SizeSee the size table for detailsMaterialSMC composite material
RemarksFor reference only, please contact customer service for details

1.Enviromental protection
with environmental raw material, non-toxic, harmless to the user, beautifies the urban environment.

2.Saving mineral resources
Regenerated resin as raw material,energy saving, noise reduction.

High impact resistance, high bending strength, high abrasion resistance, high resistance to corrosion.

4.Competitive price
compared with other products, the price is relatively low

5.Light weight
product weight is only about one third of cast iron, easy to transport, install, repair, greatly reducing the labor intensity.

The composite plastic material recovery value-free, natural anti-theft.

D400 Composite SMC Manhole Cover Rounnd Circular

D400 Composite SMC Manhole Cover Rounnd Circular

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