EN124 Ductile Iron Gully Grating Drainage Channel

EN124 Ductile Iron Gully Grating Drainage Channel

Brand Name:Anjoy
Model Number:AJCI-MHR-046
Size:455*450mm See detailed sketch
Application:Building facilities
Material Capabilities:Grey iron,ductile iorn
CLEAR OPENING:According To Drawing Or Customer-specified
HIGH LIGHT:Cast iron gully grate, ductile iron gully grating


we can offer metal parts according to your requirement:  

1. OEM&ODM service available.  
2. Materials: stainless steel, cast iron, pig iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous, grey iron, ductile cast iron and so on  
3. Process: lost wax process, soluble glass process, silicon process casting, low pressure casting,forge and so on. 
 4. Weight range: customized
5. Small orders accepted
6. Make machining service as your requirement or drawings  
7. Professional service   
8. Surface treatment: polishing, powder coat, machining center, plating, Heat-Treatment etc. Application: Industrial parts, Machinery parts, hardware, construction parts, valve/valve parts, train, craft, door handle, hinge, hydraulic pressure, construction, agricultural machinery.
Net Opening:460*460mm
EN124 Ductile Iron Gully Grating Drainage Channel
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